Ignoring the Lump in my Gut and Painting over it with the Line.


Ignoring the lump in my gut and painting over with the line.

I started covering the whole work with the line. I was really nervous about doing that, it was the first time I used that technique with a painting and wasn’t even sure it would work. Plus, I really liked the traditional painting I’d already done and was painting over. I had to keep fighting myself to do it and ignore that lump in my gut. I had to do what I had set out to do and kept telling myself that I painted the first one, the underpainting, and that I could do it again- over the top of the lines. I just had to do it (paint over it with the lines) and keep going. It did get easier, but only after it was more than halfway and too much to go back.

Sometimes for me, my art is experimental and feels a little like jumping off a cliff with an unused parachute. It’s scary, but exhilarating and usually works out. In order to grow and learn, I’ve got to do something new, holding only onto the faith that I’m pretty sure I can do it and still knowing that I might fail too. I’m so glad I did this- I’ve been wondering if this could work for a long time and am planning on doing the same technique on a very large painting. It’s much better to experiment on smaller works.

A Little Bit (ok, maybe a lot) about Me and my Art (Artist Bio.)


My art is a reflection of how I feel of things and of the world around me. A projection of what I see and what I would like to see. It’s my appreciation of things that are beautiful to me and strike a chord within my spirit.

Living motivates me to create art. When I am really moved by something, I feel inspired to paint the images before me or that are in my thoughts. I wish to leave a viewer with something more than they had. Something felt or inspired. A mood uplifted or a message conveyed. I wish to plant some kind of a seed of growth toward something positive.

Much of my artwork is created using my Single Line Style. Each of these paintings have a continuous line going throughout it to make up or fill in an object. Sometimes, it’s one line for the entire piece, others- for each part in the painting. A lot of people will try to find the two ends of the line for fun.

I was raised in Mesa, AZ and live there currently with my fiancé, Bruce Cormier, and our four children. We are both artists and focus much of our energy on our art and business. I am greatly benefitted by my partner and soul mate being in the same profession. We are always driving the other to be better at what they do. It’s very symbiotic.

I’m a studious person and am always wanting to learn something new. I have a difficult time saying anything in few words which is fine because I have much to express. I love poetry and classic literature and am a bit of a book junkie. When I bake something from scratch, usually a person wants seconds and I’m a decent singer as well. I am passionate about the outdoors world and all things that are natural.

A very influential person to me is Vincent Van Gogh. I’ve studied his life and work and found him to be a prolific writer as well as a master painter. I am in agreement with many of the things he wrote and feel a kinship with him.


Creativity is-

Creativity is-
The transformation of a thought
into reality.
A fresh idea materialized.
The distance between seeing
something in my mind
and seeing it in front
of my eyes.