Creativity is-

Creativity is-
The transformation of a thought
into reality.
A fresh idea materialized.
The distance between seeing
something in my mind
and seeing it in front
of my eyes.

Hard Words

Your words
are so deep
and hard.
It’s hard to
absorb them in.
To fit them
into my brain.
Oh, but I want to.
I will find a way
to cram them in.
Round pegs
into a square hole.
They are so beatiful.
So full and rich-
Dense and packed in.
Like a neutron star.
Surging with energy
and matter within.
I want to understand them.
To derive the fullness
of their wisdom.
There is so much in them-
my intensely talented
poet, friend.

This poem is about the way I felt after reading one of my friend, Ivana Nagyova’s poems. She is the best poet I can think of- (living and dead.) her writing is like rich foreign chocolate.