My Newest Project

Bruce Cormier, Arizona’s best spray paint artist and I have finally collaborated on something together. It didn’t turn out to be art, but we are really proud and excited. We are expecting to bring our daughter, Dailey Cormier into the world in just 2 1/2 weeks.


This painting was created with just a single line throughout to create the image.  It’s one of my favorites because it reminds me of cozying up and reading a good book.


5 x 7 in. Acrylic on canvas board, framed. $30.00 + sh & h  Message me if interested.  Thanks.

It’s people who hurt each other

When will people understand that it’s people who hurt each other- not the things they use to do it with.  We have laws that people are not allowed to hurt others.  This is enough for laws. Weapons cannot be outlawed because people who are intent to hurt others will just use something else or not obey the laws anyways.  Criminals don’t obey laws or bans. These laws would only be for people who are civil and law abiding in the first place.  These people are the majority of us who just want to live in peace and would not be able to defend themselves against those with stronger weapons- the criminals and the State.  A civilized and free society is one with people who can and will protect themselves.  We must not allow any bans on guns or other weapons.  Our freedom and safety is at stake.

Writing and expression

I love to write as well as create art.  I am passionate for poetry and songwriting. This last year, I have been wanting to write about my areas of research and studies.  I am creative in many different ways and so, am excited about this blog as it a new outlet for me to express and share these parts of me as well.