About my Blog. What it is.

I am a visual artist, a painter primarily.  I use acrylics as I love their versatility and forgiving quality. In most of my paintings, I use my Single Line Style, in which I use one continuous line throughout an object or to make up an object.  In many works, there is just one line to make up the entire painting.  I love experimenting with the line and exploring with it to see all that I can do with it.  I am still learning and growing with it, perhaps always will be.  It continues to fascinate me.

I am creative in many areas and things and try to allow myself to follow my creative desires wherever they lead at the time. I like to follow my passions rather than try to forcibly conjure them up in some other thing that I didn’t want most to be doing.  I find that my creative force is kind of like a river.  It’s strongest going in the direction it chooses and it flows into whatever I’m doing if I put my soul and energy into it.  I try to organize it all, but loosely.

I love art and expressing myself through it.  I also love cooking and baking; singing and writing music; writing all sorts of things.  I love reaching out to others and expressing my thoughts and ideas, to really communicate with others and to hear their perspectives and to learn and grow from each other.  Now, that’s what life is really about- to teach others and to also be taught by them.  Learning and growing, this is the point of life.

I am always exploring and learning, striving to grow.  On my journey and throughout the years, I have wanted to share the things I’ve learned and come across as an artist and thoughtful person.  I have found myself to feel lacking in not having a place and forum to be able to do that.  To keep all my thoughts inside is to let them die there, never allowing them to reach others.

So this is what my blog is about: me following my creative passions wherever they are and sharing that with you.  Some days,  I’ll post a new recipe I wrote and want to share, others, the progress on my latest painting and thoughts on it.  It could be some artful photos I took, a poem I wrote or thoughts on the a current controversy in the headlines.  Really, just any creative thing I’m doing and want to share.

Thanks for your interest in me and what I’m doing.  I’d love your comments and feedback and would love to get to know you too.   Please like and follow me on facebook also.  I can often be found there and different things are always happening there.  https://www.facebook.com/xandrissart%20

Truth and love be with you, Xandriss.

A Little Bit (ok, maybe a lot) about Me and my Art (Artist Bio.)


My art is a reflection of how I feel of things and of the world around me. A projection of what I see and what I would like to see. It’s my appreciation of things that are beautiful to me and strike a chord within my spirit.

Living motivates me to create art. When I am really moved by something, I feel inspired to paint the images before me or that are in my thoughts. I wish to leave a viewer with something more than they had. Something felt or inspired. A mood uplifted or a message conveyed. I wish to plant some kind of a seed of growth toward something positive.

Much of my artwork is created using my Single Line Style. Each of these paintings have a continuous line going throughout it to make up or fill in an object. Sometimes, it’s one line for the entire piece, others- for each part in the painting. A lot of people will try to find the two ends of the line for fun.

I was raised in Mesa, AZ and live there currently with my fiancé, Bruce Cormier, and our four children. We are both artists and focus much of our energy on our art and business. I am greatly benefitted by my partner and soul mate being in the same profession. We are always driving the other to be better at what they do. It’s very symbiotic.

I’m a studious person and am always wanting to learn something new. I have a difficult time saying anything in few words which is fine because I have much to express. I love poetry and classic literature and am a bit of a book junkie. When I bake something from scratch, usually a person wants seconds and I’m a decent singer as well. I am passionate about the outdoors world and all things that are natural.

A very influential person to me is Vincent Van Gogh. I’ve studied his life and work and found him to be a prolific writer as well as a master painter. I am in agreement with many of the things he wrote and feel a kinship with him.